C12HawkEye 旅行路线图,平面图,游戏运动路径

HawkEye 是一款收费插件,官方地址:http://crusader12.com/C12HawkEye/

C12HawkEye 旅行路线图,平面图,游戏运动路径

Streamlined. HawkEye allows you to create Interactive Travel Plans, Video Game Walkthroughs and Floorplan Tours. Lightweight, responsive and hardware-accelerated, HawkEye provides powerful tools for designing Advanced Character Paths, Sprite Movements, Item Markers and Information Popups. Both the structure and settings are optimized and streamlined for large-scale projects.

HawkEye 适合用在旅行路线图,平面图,游戏运动路径图,比如,酒店管理,房屋销售,景点布置等方面。

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